House Changes to FRS

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The final vote for House Bill 7107 was this morning on the floor of the House. This bill covered 3 items.
1. Allowing rehired FRS employees to enter the investment plan.
2. Changing the FRS default to the Investment plan
3. Giving death benefits to survivors of FRS workers killed in the line of duty.

The main problem has been the default section of this bill. Many arguments were given as to why the pension plan is better than the investment plan. The final vote was basically along party lines: All Democrats voting against the bill and most Republicans voting for the bill. The following Republicans voted against the party block:

Chris Latvala – Clearwater
Ray Pilon – Sarasota
David Santiago – Deltona
Greg Steube – Sarasota

If you would like to write to your representative their email address is:
You can also go on line to the House of Representatives Web page to find all email addresses and who your representative is. Please let them know how you feel about their vote on HB 7107 . Remember they were elected to represent their constituents.

At this time there is not a bill in the Senate that covers the default. Please share this information with your friends, family and co-workers.