1. Drama, “Rex’s Ex’s,” a comedy at the Pineapple Playhouse. The date is November 13th at 2:00 pm. It is a Sunday. Sunday is the only day they do matinees. The tickets are for specific seats. If we buy as many as ten tickets, the price is reduced from $20 to $18. The address of the theater is:

700 W Weatherbee Road

Fort Pierce, FL 34082

If you want to go, I need to know right away. I must have your money no later than our next meeting and sooner would be better. I will buy tickets in a block so we can be seated together. And matinee tickets go fast. Call me if you want to go. It is possible that I will need to buy them before out next meeting. You must call. 772 380 0116


  1. An afternoon at Vine and Barley. This is so much fun. If you haven’t come to one of these gatherings before, please try it this time. We will go to dinner at the West End Grill afterward, which is a few steps away. The date is December 6 (a Tuesday) from 3:00 to 5:00.

The address is:

1660 SW Saint Lucie West and the zip is 34086.


  1. I just got a call from Mr. Madden at PSLHS. He runs the drama department. They will present “Guys and Dolls” early next year. I have picked Saturday, February 4 as our day. It is a matinee starting at 2:00, and it might suit some members better who have a hard time getting to a Sunday matinee. Tickets cost $15—a real bargain. I also want to know asap if you want to go. And I need your money at the next meeting. Matinee tickets go fast. And all of his productions sell out.

I hope at least of these events interest you. I have several more events to discuss at our next meeting. But theater tickets need to be purchased very soon. I need to hear from you. 772 380 0116, Marguerite Saady

Enjoy Aquarium, Lunch, and Historical Museum

On November 4 we will meet at the Aquarium located on the east end of the South Bridge at 10:00. After enjoying the aquarium we will go for lunch at the Manatee Grill (once was Mangrove Mattie’s). We will complete the day by returning to the Saint Lucie Historical Museum, located next to the aquarium. Tickets for both the Aquarium and the Museum will be $5.00 total.

SLCREA/Mount Dora Arts and Craft Show

Martin County Retired Educators Association has invited us to join them on a bus trip to Mount Dora Saturday, October 24, 2015. I will have a sign up sheet at the meeting Thursday. Cathy did not know cost at this time. Martin County will secure the bus and let us know more details. I just need names of those who would be interested in going to Mount Dora Arts and Craft Show.

FREA 2016 Convention

FREA 2016 Convention

Details and contact information:

Cruise Professional is Char Corso of  Cruise Planners, an American Express representative.

Char Corso—Cruise Planners Phone: 727-934-6321

Please DO NOT call the FREA Office for pricing or cruise details. We will just refer you to Char, she is the Cruise Professional!

Benefits for Retired Educators Association Members

Florida Retired Educators Association has researched and endorses benefits and insurances for our members. These benefits are available to all FREA members. As members of SLCREA, we are able to benefit from these offers. Benefits, discounts, and special offers include:  insurance, shopping, travel, Identity Protection and more. For details and contact information visit the FREA website at